1. We're ALL sinners in need of a Savior. We're all saints whose Savior forgives ALL our sin. We're all the same in relation to Christ crucified for the sin of the world.
  2. It may seem like a radical statement, but in Christ Jesus, there’s nothing wrong with you.
  3. All God's fatherly goodness and mercy is concrete and real, born of a virgin, crucified for our trespasses, raised for our justification.
  4. Our past, present, and future receive healing from Jesus’ wounds.
  5. John’s message doesn’t inspire religious leaders to repent. Instead, John’s message provokes them to resentment and rage.
  6. Nobody is going to crash Jesus’ wedding feast. Jesus is throwing the only party in town worth attending, and it’s going to be a celebration.
  7. When we focus on God's self-giving Word, when we turn our attention to Golgotha, we are shown a wholly different way of viewing the Commandments.
  8. A heart that wants nothing that is not from God can only occur by the Holy Spirit speaking the Gospel into our hearts.
  9. Jesus’ life and work is now ours through faith.
  10. Jesus is the "because" and "therefore" of our salvation because He died for our sin
  11. When our sense of alienation from God is underscored and exaggerated by daily life we behave like tropical fish when their tank is cleaned.
  12. Christians argue about who's in charge of who, who's going to run things, who is the authority and who are the leaders that tell us on behalf of Jesus what to do next.

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