1. This is the Christian word: grace. Such grace is found only with this Lamb who is also our Shepherd.
  2. On episode FIFTY-EIGHT of Let the Bird Fly! all four of the guys sit down to discuss Preaching as a Means of Grace.
  3. On episode THIRTY-ONE of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Peter stage a coup, ousting Wade, and installing themselves as permanent dictators of the podcast. Actually, Wade was just out-of-town, so for the first time you’ll get to listen to a Wadeless episode of Let the Bird Fly! (enjoy!).
  4. It seems like the sky is falling every other day now. From politics to culture to religion to about anything else, there’s one purported cataclysm after another on the horizon.
  5. You are God’s people. Yet you are nothing in the world’s sight. To be honest, often less than nothing. Don’t feel bad, I’m nothing with you.
  6. Jesus didn’t lie. He was called to preach to Israel. He would send His disciples out into the world. But that didn’t mean His message wasn’t for all.