1. Christ's resurrection does not merely negate the bitterness of sin; it changes it into a source of divine sweetness, embodying the promise of a new life for us and a restored existence overshadowed by heavenly hope.
  2. A pastor is sent to proclaim the unconditional grace of God, reminding us again and again that it is our Heavenly Father who reaches out to us in love through his Christ-won forgiveness, and not the other way around.
  3. The Parable of the Lost Sheep bursts through the confines of convention and demands that we embrace the messiness of life and the unpredictable ways in which God's grace and forgiveness operates.
  4. No matter how great our thirst is, God's abundance not only meets it but quenches it. When we are poor and in need, the Lord is always there to give us grace and mercy without end.
  5. We are free to be in the world, but not of the world. We are freed to stop treating the pursuit of pleasure as an escape from pain, suffering, and death.
  6. Cheap Grace, a monument to compromise. Gillespie and Riley continue their conversation about Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship. This episode, more talk about grace, Nazis, and why the Gospel “but” is so important.
  7. Cheap grace... some people would pay top dollar for that kind of breakthrough. Gillespie and Riley take a listener request and discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship. Grace, discipline, Nazis, and why context matters in this episode.
  8. What do we say when a Christian admits the church has driven them to atheism? And they don't mean ideologically.
  9. Daddy needs to discuss some law and grace.... Chicka-chickahhhhh! This week, Gillespie and Riley go live, reading, discussing, and responding to your questions and comments about Bunyan's writing on law and grace.
  10. God's grace and mercy in Jesus Christ calls all sinners to a celebration. A "those who sat in darkness have seen a great light" kind of celebration.
  11. There are no shortcuts with Him. No life hacks. No tricks or changes we need to make to get on God’s good side. There’s just Truth, just Jesus.
  12. Often, when we talk about the Old Testament, we talk about God's promises and work for his chosen people, Israel.

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