1. In this much requested episode, Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin talk about birth, and some of the pressure we put on ourselves--or on our faith--that everything goes as we think it will.
  2. As Gen Z and Gen Alpha grow into adolescence and early adulthood, what hope should we have for the future of the church?
  3. In this episode we have on one of Gretchen's closest friends who happens to be a foster mother.
  4. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE, Mike, Wade, Dan Berg, who may or many not be related to Michael, and Tom Jeske discuss Luther’s catechisms, catechesis, and the family altar.
  5. In this last episode with guest Rachel Joy Welcher, we discuss the concept of modesty, and how we talk to our children about their sexuality and their bodies if not through "purity culture" or the secular culture.
  6. The Thinking Fellows weigh on one of the most tense issues that affect Churches.
  7. How can we stay safe in our faith? In Part 2 of our discussion of the documentary "Shiny Happy People" we are discussing homeschooling and the umbrellas of protection.
  8. Craig and Troy return to the Table of Duties and discuss the vocations of family. How does God expect a Godly man to operate in his family? What does He expect of the wife? What does He expect of the children?
  9. In this fun episode, we talk about ways we celebrate Advent as a family.
  10. We are sitting down to talk about Bruno, and the other characters in the movie "Encanto."
  11. The entrance of children into the world reminds our world of the hope of redemption in Genesis 3:15.

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