1. The lesson of Malachi reveals God’s love for his people. When the people ask for proof of God’s love, he reminds them of their election.
  2. Our hope is God's mercy. It's like a well that never dries up. His mercies were there before he created us. They are present for us today.
  3. We prefer God to forgive our sin by not paying attention to it. Then our prayer is not for grace but that God would overlook and wink at us from the sidelines.
  4. Our Lord's love for us is so great that He not only sent His Son to redeem us from sin, death, and hell, but He sends His holy angels to protect us no matter which direction our lives go.
  5. The unbeliever will search for relief from temptations in worldly prescriptions and pleasures. The believer searches for answers in the promises of the One who can bring true lasting peace in mind, body, and soul.
  6. The good news of Jesus Christ guides us into godly worship, not self-worship.
  7. What we can learn from all these instances is that we are all born into this world with a pre-existing condition. It’s called mortality, and no earthly authority or expert can save us from it.
  8. Our regrets and anxiety, self-abuse and addictions, violence and endless lists are signs that we don’t have an answer to the question: "Why am I here right now, alive, existing?"
  9. When we look to Jesus nailed up on that cross, that's God's final goodbye to our sin-blasted survival methods. No more unanswered questions. No more long goodbyes.
  10. We confuse our success and failures with God’s judgment of us.
  11. We can take comfort in the knowledge that He kills the sinner so we can get a new shot at life and life eternal.
  12. When we're under stress, when we're weighed down by responsibilities, and when we feel like nobody cares and no one can help us, we run to God.

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