1. The stormy seas of life threaten us, but we need not fear, for God is with us. Our gaze is upon His face. We look to Him alone to rescue, defend, strengthen and uphold us.
  2. The acquisition of salvation, the giving of salvation, and the keeping of salvation are entirely dependent upon the Savior himself.
  3. The Lord is your Shepherd, your Good Shepherd. And all He wants is you.
  4. It’s by no means an ivory-tower theological question. It’s as real as the weight we’ve lost from the stress of our divorce. As real as the bottle of antidepressants on our nightstand. We believe in him. We love him. But every voice inside us and every shred of evidence outside us points to his abandonment of us in our hour of deepest need.
  5. Here is a lament I’ve written especially for victims of hurricanes. May it be for you, for your family, or for your church, a way to put into prayer the anguish of your souls.
  6. We need a God who can heal us of true guilt and false guilt. We need a Christ who not only removes the shame we feel for what we’ve done, but who washes away the shame that others have smeared upon us.
  7. Jesus lives amidst the twisted metal and smoking ruins of lives gone bad. It’s where he does his best work. Christ is the ultimate first responder.
  8. She was the kind of woman in whom I see myself, in whom thousands of us see our own reflections. So often our lives seem pointless, a vain existence in a world that worships vanity.
  9. We’re by nature counters. So long as we can add, subtract, multiply and divide something, anything, we have some measure of control and comparison.
  10. He has given you clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and home—as well as grocery stores, carpenters, and farmers to provide those goods.
  11. The God who calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves will seem hopelessly out of touch with your insulated life of self-sufficiency.
  12. You matter so much to God that he would rather die than lose you. You matter so much to Jesus that no suffering was too much, no deprivation too burdensome, no punishment too severe for him to endure to have you as his own.

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