1. When disagreements break out we unfriend, unfollow, and unburden our minds by surrounding ourselves with only the right sorts of people.
  2. We don’t need another human to love us, so we become our own divinity full of self-directed, unconditional acceptance.
  3. Any and all failure is re-written to portray us as either victor or victim.
  4. The more I seek God on my own terms, the deeper I am gazing at my own navel.
  5. For all its stewing, regret ironically does not truly focus on the past. Often it is more concerned with the present and the future and how they would be if only we had done something differently.
  6. We try believing in more abstract concepts: justice, happiness, and self-improvement, only to find that we can never truly grasp which standards should be accepted and which should be rejected.
  7. The following is adapted from Called to Defend written by Valerie Locklair (1517 Publishing, 2017).
  8. I have a confession: I don’t believe the Bible is true because it says it’s true.
  9. When guilt becomes our totem, it dictates our idea of right and wrong and enslaves us to the fear of what happens when we open our eyes tomorrow morning.
  10. We are called to proclaim the life, death, and resurrection of the Answer incarnate, Jesus Christ, and in love respond to the questions that inevitably arise against it.
  11. Apologetics isn’t optional for the Christian, just as Christ isn’t optional to apologetics.