1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-THREE, Joel, Jason, and Wade discuss biblical archaeology.
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE, Jason and Wade discuss historical theology and why we are historical theologians.
  3. Mike and Wade discuss the moral argument.
  4. Wade and Mike welcome Dr. Andrew Schmiege making it a three Michigander episode. Dr. Schmiege teaches Spanish at Wisconsin Lutheran College. A true renaissance man, Dr. Schmiege, interests are wide as shown in his dissertation topic which dealt with Christian and Islamic polemics in early modern Spain.
  5. On episode ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO Mike and Wade are joined once again by Dr. Kerry Kuehn, who was a guest very early on (before he realized what this podcast was all about). We are fortunate to have duped him into joining us again (probably because Mike has since joined the podcast and brought some level of respectability to it).
  6. Love is the ultimate gift from God. To be loved by him for all eternity is truly the ultimate goal.
  7. Wade, Mike, and Peter are joined once again by Josh Seeger of Wisconsin Lutheran High School. In this episode they finally officially discuss the four Gospel accounts.
  8. Mike and Peter welcome Valerie Locklaire to discuss apologetics and her book on the topic: Called to Defend: An Apologetics Handbook for the Middle School Student.
  9. On episode EIGHTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome Dr. Joel Davis, who teaches chemistry at Wisconsin Lutheran College.
  10. On episode SIXTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! Wade was out-of-town, so the guys took over his office and invited back Rev. Dr. Mark Paustian.
  11. On episode FIFTY-NINE of Let the Bird Fly! we welcome back Rev. Dr. Mark Braun, this time to talk about why all religions are not the same.
  12. On episode TWENTY-SEVEN of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome back Rev. Dr. Michael Berg (he’s getting to be so regular, we’ll have to dismiss with the formalities soon).

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