1. This tale of two professors has a common theme, plot, and denouement - the good news of the one true story, Jesus Christ crucified for you.
  2. The scope of catechesis from the Reformation was broad and included not only instruction at church but in the home and in schools.
  3. It would do us well to expand what we mean when we say catechesis and consequently broaden the reach of theological education into daily life.
  4. This week, Gillespie and Riley tackle your questions and comments. We discuss election, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Bible translations, Sunday School, and much, much more.
  5. Caleb Keith is joined by Drs. Jim Nestingen and John Pless for a special episode recorded in Bergen Norway.
  6. On this episode, the Fellows tackle a handful of ranging from confirmation to the relationship between Lutheran's and Anglicans.
  7. The Small Catechism was a tool for pastors and families to learn the essential doctrine of the Chrisitan faith.