1. On this episode of Outside Ourselves, Kelsi is joined by Jon and Justin of ⁠ @THEOCAST ⁠ to talk about all things having to do with gospel clarity.
  2. Kelsi chats with acclaimed hip hop and rap artist, Flame, about why he has found a home in the doctrines and beliefs of Lutheranism.
  3. Do you confess Christ as God in the flesh, born, died, and raised to new life for you? Any answer of yes will do
  4. In this episode Gretchen and Katie get to as Kelsi Klembara about the practical implications of giving assurance. To put it another way, what is the fruit of giving assurance?
  5. In this episode, we interview one of our favorite people: Kelsi Klembara, editor of the 1517 website. Kelsi has done a lot of research on the topic of assurance of our salvation from both a theological and historical point of view, and we had some questions for her.
  6. By basing our assurance on the promises of God, which we not only hope for in the future but live in now, the Christian can finally rest in the comfort that they are both saved and not responsible for their own salvation.
  7. Today’s world has replaced Anfechtung with an entirely new sort of despair.