1. The stormy seas of life threaten us, but we need not fear, for God is with us. Our gaze is upon His face. We look to Him alone to rescue, defend, strengthen and uphold us.
  2. When God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, thereafter his story was linked into as God’s story. Psalm 8 speaks of the human being, as humanity, but also of Christ.
  3. A two day event designed to root the Christian's full assurance of salvation in the work of Christ alone.
  4. Psalm 4 reminds us that our daily lives are lived in a battlefield.
  5. Chad explains the context and background of Psalm 52 and explores the destructive power of the tongue. The Psalm.
  6. Chad meditates on what it means to look to God and how He looks at us.
  7. Look inside yourself to answer, “Are you a Christian?” and what will you find?
  8. Jesus tears down every “but” that people try to build between us and God. He died and rose for us, and—not but—He makes Himself our Lord and Savior.
  9. We’re by nature counters. So long as we can add, subtract, multiply and divide something, anything, we have some measure of control and comparison.
  10. The question is not can I lose my salvation, but can salvation lose me? No, it can’t.

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