Outlaw God
The Outlaw God podcast is about moving from theological speculation to proclamation. Featuring Dr. Steven Paulson and co-hosted by Caleb Keith.
  1. In this episode, Dr. Paulson talks about the significance of Christ's actual death and resurrection and its effect on how we view the "plain text" of Scripture.
  2. In this episode, Dr. Paulson begins to outline what Luther means when he talks about the "plain text" of Scripture.
  3. Dr. Paulson discusses the devastating impact of Scriptural interpretation that tries to get around the difficult and real passages of the text.
  4. Dr. Paulson discusses how some theology distrusts the literal meaning of Scripture.
  5. Dr. Paulson continues discussing Sub Contrario.
  6. Dr. Steven Paulson and Caleb Keith read Mark chapter seven.
  7. Steve Paulson addresses the importance of enduring evil.
  8. Dr. Steve Paulson discusses what it means to endure evil with faith.
  9. Dr. Paulson makes a transition into his chapter on evil. He and Caleb discuss the difference between overcoming evil and enduring it.
  10. In this episode, Paulson outlines various ways the Law takes up shop in the conscience.