Pedestals, Personalities, and Nostalgia

We kept Rev. Tim Koch on for one more episode, as we expand the conversation from "what makes a sermon" from last week, to some of the struggles with both pastors and parishioners.

What makes a church feel like "home" and what happens when a pastor you love takes a call someplace else? What happens when you move away, and have to find a new church, and struggle with finding a church as good as your last one?

We talk a bit about the constant struggle with the cult of personalities, the non-spiritual gifts of pastors, and even when either pastors or parishioners move on or pass away, it's easy to get stuck in the pitfall we all fall into of nostalgia.

Nostalgia can be different than remembrance, because remembrance of how God has been faithful should be played over and over again in the church. But nostalgia is longing for what used to be.

This conversation is important because when we go to church for the wrong reasons, when that reason is no longer there, we lose our bearings.

Understanding our purpose in gathering around Christ, and our purpose in mission can help us find clarity as we try again that patient process of church becoming family.

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