Chad Bird | Hendricks, MN

Messy Discipleship

Chad Bird will be with Faith Lutheran Brethren Church, Sunday through Tuesday, Sept 12-14, talking about Limping with God: The Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship.

In these evening sessions, Chad will speak about how following Jesus feels like limping after God, as Jacob did after his wrestling match with the Lord. We hobble our way through life, beset by weakness, warring with temptations, and facing our greatest enemy every day in the mirror.

Our discipleship is a messy business. But that’s okay. We follow a Lord who doesn’t select the sainted or pick the pious but calls sinners—sinners like Jacob. This study will immerse attendees into Jacob’s life and God’s work in the beauty and ugliness of his life to see how it mirrors Christ’s work in our own.

Please contact the church directly for more information about this 507-275-3668

Chad Bird
Chad Bird
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