Epistles: 2 Timothy 2:1-13 (Pentecost 18: Series C)

Paul is talking about military-level allegiance here, the strongest kind of allegiance sworn to a king. Yet, this loyalty is set in contrast to the tasks of the Roman solider because the task of Christ’s legionaries is to herald the good news: their King, Jesus, has won and it is He who is the world’s rightful king.

Lent for All (Part 2)

The Lutheran reform of Lent consisted chiefly in Luther's rejection of works of satisfaction in the sacrament of penance which were traditionally assigned to the penitent during the Lenten season to obtain God's forgiveness. The reform of the sacrament of penance shifted the onus from the "doing" of the penitent (works of satisfaction) to the absolution of God (Word of…

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Many scholars believe that what Jesus says in verses 18-20 are the key to Matthew's Gospel. Actually, it may be the key to the entire Bible, for in these three verses we see the full scope of the history of redemption brought to bear in one history-altering, cosmic event: Baptizing in God's name.