Joel Fitzpatrick

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The Role of a Pastor

This week the Fellows are joined by Pastor Joel Hess to talk about just what it


Masculinity with Joel Fitzpatrick

This week the Fellows relax and have some fun with Joel Fitzpatrick. What this


Blurting Out Praise

Jesus longs to prove to us that death has lost its separating power over the Christian. He longs that we experience the faithfulness of God in the unifying power of the gospel here on earth as well as in heaven.

Salvation Belongs to the Lord

The Psalms do anything but present a sugar-coated presentation of the Christian life. In fact, they are decidedly real about the missed expectations we face so often.

Dancing with God

Christ has forgiven you, and all of your worship, all of your prayers, all of your offerings are accepted because they are built on the foundation of Christ’s forgiveness.

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