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Psalm 134 Rebekah Caggegi and Kaizo Hall sing "May the Lord bless you from Zion"

In this episode we see the Levites stationed at the temple of the Lord, under


Job 22:12-24:12 (Episode 407)

Job as a type of Christ.


Psalm 132b Chris Lizotte sings "Thy Will Be Done"

In this final part of our look at Psalm 132, we see David wanting to build a


Your God is Too Glorious

This is an excerpt from Chad Bird’s book, Your God is Too Glorious, 2nd Edition

The God Who Remembers: Mary

The Lord has remembered to help his servant Israel, to fulfill his promises to Abraham and to his offspring forever, not mostly or mainly because of his mercy, but exclusively so.

The God Who Remembers: The Action of Remembrance

This week, we’ll take a closer look at what it means to have a God who remembers us. Today, 1517 Scholar in Residence Chad Bird first introduces the Old Testament meaning behind the word and the Hebrew way of remembering.


2024 Regional Conference

A two day event designed to center your faith in the limitless grace of God found in the gospel of Jesus Christ


Chad Bird

Weekend Conference


Chad Bird

Men's Retreat

Limping with God: Jacob and the Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship


Unveiling Mercy: 365 Daily Devotions Based on Insights from Old Testament Hebrew


Upside-Down Spirituality: The 9 Essential Failures of a Faithful Life


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