As You Wait: Always Winter Never Christmas

Reading Time: 1 min

As You Wait: Always Winter Never Christmas is an Advent poem by Tanner Olson

Christ has come and he will come again, but for now, we wait.
Although the darkness has arrived, we’ve not been forgotten.
And I know you know what it feels like to feel like you’ve been forgotten.
To be left behind, stuck outside where it’s always winter and never Christmas. 

Waiting weighs you down, puts your eyes on the ground
Tests your patience as your process living in the tension of what used to be and what you will one day see.

And one day we will see.
We will see the snow melt and the sunshine.
And we will see Christ return at the right time.

As you wait, hold on.
Let joy stir up inside of you as you carry the fire forward.
Stay the course as you make your way through today and into tomorrow.
Set your eyes to the sky as mercy and wonder meet your fear as you wait for Christ to appear.

For he has come and he will come again.

Keep hope close as you watch,
as you wait,
for soon the sun will arrive
and the darkness will hide
and we will leave winter behind.

In the night you can trust the morning will bring the Light.
For you are not forgotten.