While wombs become killing fields,
and a holocaust smokes out of our nation’s heart,
where are You, O God of life?

While lawmakers’ hands
clap over the corpses of Your children,
why are You silent?

While those You fearfully and wonderfully made
are callously and cruelly slaughtered,
why are You sleeping, O Lord?

Does the Creator of the eye not see?
Does He who formed the ear not hear?
Will He who fashioned our hands not act?

How long, O Lord,
will the voice of children’s blood
cry out to You from the ground?

How long will hope be aborted,
choice made an idol,
and evil reign?

Do not delay, O Lord, for trouble is near,
for the land has conceived wickedness,
it is pregnant with violence,
and it gives birth to a brood of vipers,
whose god is their shame.

Awake, O Lord!
Arise, and do not keep silent.
Lift up Your hand
to break the hearts of the evildoers,
to humiliate those who hate you,
and to shield the tiny icons of your love.

O Lord Jesus, have mercy
for we have no light in the darkness save You.
Open our blinded eyes.
Soften our adamantine souls.
And bring forth the dawn of life.
Amen and Amen.