1. God is often hidden in history, even as we make it now, but He is always manifest where He has promised to be.
  2. The language of faith speaks promise and persecution, hope and trial, victory and pain. The language of the world may well speak the former, but rarely the latter.
  3. Christ has received the mark of law that we might be marked with the gospel, with the sign of his holy cross on our heads and hearts as redeemed children of God.
  4. “The days are coming,” and God said it. God, who kept his promise that Christ would come at Christmas.
  5. Mike and Wade give an introduction to some of the teachings of Christ Mike's THE 105 course.
  6. Wade and Mike welcome guest Rev. Daniel Waldschmidt of St. John’s Lutheran in Burlington, WI in order to discuss the New Perspective on Paul. Rev. Waldschmidt patiently explains to the guys what this new view of St. Paul entails. While this topic is complicated, Rev. Waldschmidt does a nice job of explaining the basics of this view and how it doesn’t match up with the traditional Reformation reading of St. Paul and his epistles.
  7. Wade and Mike sit down to discuss the Pauline Epistles. They walk through some of the specifics, but generally attempt to take an overview of what Paul seems to be doing in his letters and why his writing is so important to the church.
  8. Mike once again finds his way over to Wade's backyard, this time to discuss the riveting topic of syllabi. They are joined in the backyard by Wade's second oldest son, Ziggy, who joins them for part of the main topic, but seems more interested in the Free-for-All discussion of the upcoming College Football and NFL seasons.
  9. Wade, Mike, and Peter are joined once again by Josh Seeger of Wisconsin Lutheran High School. In this episode they finally officially discuss the four Gospel accounts.
  10. On episode SEVENTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Mike meet up once again in Wade’s back yard, this time to discuss Martin Luther’s sermon How Christians Should Regard Moses. Before getting to Moses, though, Wade decides to highjack the Free-for-All, not telling anyone what the questions will be.
  11. On episode FIFTY-FOUR of Let the Bird Fly! Wade, Mike, and Peter sit down to discuss Paul’s epistle to the faithful in Galatia.
  12. On episode FORTY-SEVEN of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Mike are joined by Dr. Mark Braun, who kindly agreed to join us again since our previously recorded episode for this week didn’t work out.

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