1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO, Mike, Wade, and Jason discuss whether the gospel ever gets old and if not, why not.
  2. Past, present, and future are tied together in Christ.
  3. Morons though we all have been, there is nothing we need that Christ hasn’t given us.
  4. God saves us through people. He saves us through means. He puts a voice on the gospel.
  5. Mike and Wade discuss the life of Christ, using select accounts from the Gospels to illustrate aspects of His person and work for Mike's THE 105 course.
  6. When we say in the benediction, “The LORD make His face shine on you,” grace is what we mean.
  7. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Wade Johnston to discuss his two books, A Path Strewn With Sinners and An Uncompromising Gospel.
  8. This is a selection from, "A Path Strewn With Sinners" by Wade Johnston
  9. A confessing church is a church more worried about souls than appearances, family lines, or institutional bottom-lines.
  10. On episode TWELVE of Let the Bird Fly! Peter takes the reigns and welcomes into the studio professor, pastor, softball coach, and author Wade Johnston to discuss Dr. Johnston’s recently published book An Uncompromising Gospel: Lutheranism’s First Identity Crisis and Lessons for Today.