Outlines - John Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion" (PDF)

John Calvin

Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion has a place within the canon of the Great Books of the Western World. It is beyond dispute that Calvin's Institutes changed Protestantism for 500 years – and is still doing so! What began in 1536 as simple catechetical booklet grew into a massive magnum opus in 1559. This final edition is outlined here.

Calvin covers all aspects of the Christian faith and does so with his classic renaissance eloquence. His theory of human knowing is still important for philosophers of religion and his theology of grace is debated in seminaries around the world.

This is the work of a true genius, trained in humanism and law, and who called Luther "an apostle in our times."

** PLEASE NOTE: This product is a series of outlines/study guides for the book, not the actual books themselves. **