Chad Bird will return as Dean for Family Week #9 at Camp Arcadia - August 21 - 27, 2021.

The Christ Key: Unlocking the Mystery of Jesus in the Old Testament

We might picture the Old Testament as a vast mansion with many rooms: the creation room; the exodus room; the tabernacle, angel, and war rooms. The key to unlock each of these, and fully to understand what God is showing us in them, is Jesus the Messiah. We will take a tour of this Hebrew mansion and see how, in various ways, Jesus is mysteriously present in the life of ancient Israel. We will see him appearing under the guise of “the angel of the Lord.” He will give us pencil sketches of himself in men such as Melchizedek and David. He will reveal his mission of sacrifice in the architecture of the temple. The Christ key is God’s chosen means of unlocking the Old Testament for us.