Find Christ Revealed in the Old Testament Scriptures

Enroll now for free and join Old Testament Scholar Chad Bird as he explores the beautiful Christology of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Christ in the Old Testament

Why read the Old Testament now that we have the New Testament? When we're reading the Old Testament, we're reading a book that is all about Christ. When Christ talked about himself, and when his earliest believers talked about who he was and what he was accomplishing through his acts of salvation, they referred to the Old Testament. Enroll in this course for free and explore the beautiful Christology that is layered in the Old Testament stories, prophecies, and psalms.

Course Syllabus

  • The Bible that Jesus Read (Introduction)

    Key themes include The Torah as Scripture’s Christological Foundation, Different Approaches to OT interpretation, Scripture as a Hyperlinked Text, and The Bible’s Opening Christological Word.

  • Christophanies, or Appearances of Christ

    As we “walk backward to Bethlehem” together, we’ll see that the Old Testament Scriptures are not only full of prophecies of the Messiah, but also the presence of the Messiah, as he reveals himself to His people in manifold ways.

  • Christological Pencil Sketches

    As we explore these 'sketches,' we'll keep in mind that these aren't actual appearances of Christ. Rather, these types foreshadow the person and work of the coming Christ.

  • Thematic Layering of Creation & Exodus

    In this session we look at the thematic layering of the Old Testament, with special emphasis on two themes: Creation and Exodus. There are numerous "creations" and "exoduses" throughout the Old and New Testament.

  • Theoderm: The Holy Skin of God

    Discover how Adam and Eve are really considered the first priests since they were given the same instructions as the Levites: To keep and guard. We’ll also explore the "Theoderm," or holy skin of God, which is seen in the tabernacle, altar, and priesthood.

  • Christ as the Key of David

    In this final session we look at the christology of the Psalms. We’ll find that they are all, in one way or another, the voice of Christ, praying himself or through his body, the church.